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Overseas PDR Technicians and Workers

Experienced overseas PDR Technicians or workers from the PDR industry in management or administration, there is a demand for workers particularly during peak season and especially during major catastrophes such as hailstorms.

If you are interested in PDR Training, try PDR Training Australia or feel free to try the online pdr course.

If you may be interested in working in Australia, please apply using the following form. Don’t worry too much about whether you may or may not qualify, the information really is there to help us put you in the right place within the industry. (Australian PDR Technicians or associated PDR skilled workers please apply using the form on this alternate page).

PDR Technician Questionnaire

Your Employment or Business Information

How Flexible are you with travel?

Eye sight and age

This gives information to assist in directing the work and providing useful advice

  • Personal Information Overseas Residents
  • Your Employment or Business Information
  • How Flexible are you with travel that may be required in the PDR industry?
  • Eye sight and age

Name and Job Title

What is your first name?

What is your last name?

Phone Number including international code

Your gender

Email Address

What city do you live?

Which country are you from?

Which country do you mostly live?

Language Spoken helps place you with other workers or teams from same background

Do you hold any Visas that can help you work in Aystralia

Previous Travel to Australia

Travelled and Work Countries other than Australia

Which countries have you worked (if any)?

Type of Occupation

Have you ever worked in the PDR or Auto Repair Industry anywhere in the world?

Experience in Paintless Dent Removal (The purpose of this is for placement within training or work)

Are you part of a PDR Technician Team

What other skills do you have eg R and R, trimmer, panel beating

Do you operate your own business

Do you own or partially or fully operate a PDR Business

Flexibility in Travel (more for our information and not always will affect you being chosen)

How Flexible are you with travelling away from home?

First Date Available for starting in the PDR Industry (just used as a guide)

How flexible are you with days of the week

Eye sight and Age Information (This is extremely important to address to improve your quality of work).

How good is your eye sight? (Essential for PDR)

Generally what is your age?