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PDR Technician Jobs in Australia

PDR Technician job glue pulling tabs pulling out dents
PDR Technician job glue pulling tabs pulling out dents

We are always looking at hiring personnel for PDR technician jobs particularly those keen to be trained as PDR technicians working for hail companies in Australia. We have the expertise, innovative systems and training infrastructure to cater for the various requirements necessary for the up-skilling of trainees to work in hailstorm catastrophes. Whether you are a panel beater, spray painter, mechanic, detailer, car sales personnel or any other automative industry worker, please apply.

When major hailstorms hit particularly in any of the major cities eg Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, there is a major shortfall of PDR technicians.

It is imperative to meet timelines in getting a majority of jobs within the insurance sector providing for customer satisfaction.

If you feel this is for you and you want a long term career in a niche market, contact us and we will provide that opportunity to suit your needs. If you are from overseas and work in the PDR industry as a PDR technician or R and R trimmer please contact us and we will provide the necessary paperwork to secure your future within the lucrative Australian PDR industry.