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PDR Technician Application

Would you like to work for us?

We are always seeking both qualified PDR technicians experienced in hail repair. We are also seeking those who have been recently or previously trained in paintless dent removal. Please fill in the following questionnaire – don’t judge yourself as not sufficiently trained. We have programs in place to up-skill PDR technicians or even keen and quick learners in PDR and hail repair work.

Although PDR technicians and panel beaters with experience in repair are ideal for this industry, the most important attributes to be successful in paintless dent removal are:

  1. attention to detail
  2. a love of cars and repair
  3. patience
  4. perseverance to keep going against all odds
  5. determination to succeed
  6. a love and passion for this industry

Australian PDR Technicians please use this form.

Overseas PDR Technicians apply using this form.