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PDR technician

The PDR industry it is believed has been in Australia for about 30 years. From stories being told by those in the industry for some time have suggested one of the first PDR technicians may have come from South Africa to Sydney. Nevertheless, essentially the industry slowly expanded but not much was known about the industry until perhaps the Sydney April 14th 1999 hailstorm disaster. This was perhaps one of the first major moves from the insurance industry to move towards paintless dent removal as a possible or preferred method of vehicle hail repair. Since then, the Newcastle hailstorm 31st October 2006 and also the Blacktown hailstorm 9th December 2007 provided further moves by insurance to consolidate the use of paintless dent removal in the insurance repair process. And finally, the Melbourne hailstorms 2010 and 2011 as well as Perth hailstorm in 2010 finally cemented a national approach to hailstorm disasters and the PDR industry. Recently the Brisbane region also got hit hard by a destructive hailstorm with thousands of cars in the line of fire as the supercell came through hurling hail to the size of cricket balls accompanied with violent wind gusts. The end result was a insurance claims that may top a billion dollars.

PDR quotations are now an essential component of most insurance companies before any conventional quotes are considered. This means there is moreso than ever a need for PDR technicians to cater for the strong demand on short notice of hail repairs by the major players in the industry when contracts consisting of several thousand cars are signed.

PDR Training courses are popping up around the country as more people find out about the PDR industry particularly panel beaters. However, research suggests that although panel beaters are the obvious personnel that would be attracted to the paintless dent removal industry, anyone can attempt to do such courses so long as they have the following traits:

- good eye sight - essential to see the minute details of the dents

- patience - if you keep going and see the long term changes, you will get there

- perseverance - no matter what obstacles, a pdr trainee must keep trying until they get it

- listening skills - have an open mind no matter what your background - listen to what the PDR technicians is trying to say and you will go a long way with an open mind

- love for detail - those that are very careful for detail with produce top quality work so long as they have the patience and acceptance it will take some time to get to that point.

If you have these qualities, then give this industry a go. Even those PDR technicians that don't get involved with a hail repair business and remain local can still make the money required. Don't expect any business to happen over night - it may take 2 years for opportunities and work to come flowing your way. Don't give up try different things, and don't walk away even if you were turned away. Go back and show that you are up there for the job.