PDR Technician – what job is this?

PDR Technicians use special tools to repair car panels without damaging the paint essentially. The art of paintless dent removal apparently began in the 1940's when specialised workers were given the task of massaging dents out of vehicles on the car assembly lines in Europe. The concept really was to avoid having repaint the car and basically this type of repair has become popular once more in Europe, United States, South Africa and now increasingly popular Australia. This is specifically for Australian PDR Technicians. International PDR Technicians should apply on the PDRTechnician.com website.

So why have we mostly not heard about it? Well, this has been a well kept secret for so long. It was reported that one of the original pdr technicians actually used to repair vehicles behind a curtain surrounding the vehicle. However, with the introduction of PDR repairs in the insurance industry, the verdict is out and it is now a standard form of repair. Why? Because the repair is less expensive, quicker, and more importantly, if it is possible to repair, does not involve removing the original factory paint on a vehicle. If you wish to become a PDR Technician, try PDR Training Australia - they run professional courses that have been proven to work

Why not Register here if you are a PDR Technician in Australia and become part of the PDR Group. The advantages are so that jobs can be distrubuted to interested parties who are aailable and nearest to the location. This is to become the largest database of PDR Technicians in Australia. Those looking to enter the PDR Industry why not apply for a PDR Technician Training Course at PDR Training Australia.